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Our mission

To bring simplicity, transparency and flow to home sales

in the beginning... was founded by Emmet and his long-time friend Jonathan in early 2018 but the story starts much earlier. 

Emmet’s father was a house builder and he has been involved in property his whole life. Professionally Emmet trained as a solicitor and through this, he gained a first-hand understanding of the problems within the property market today.


After buying and selling property for many years, Emmet approached Jonathan about trying to find solutions to many problems within the property sale process. Jonathan is a natural problem solver and through his PhD in mathematics, developed a logical reasoning that has now been applied to the property sales process.


After many late-night conversations, a multitude of shared spreadsheets and a whole host of process diagrams... was born.

To really provide something valuable to the people involved in the property sale process it was crucial that we first of all identified the key problems.


To identify these issues we embarked on comprehensive market research which involved interviewing and canvassing property buyers and sellers, Solicitors, Estate Agents, Banks, Insurance Companies, The Property Registration Authority, The Revenue Commissioners, Planning Authorities, Local County Councils, Builder, Energy Assessors, Utilities Companies, Management Companies, and many more.


The results of this research was unequivocal. 


There were two overarching needs that all parties desired: 

  1. Improved communication.

  2. Increased connection.


We now had a starting point.


We had 2 clear problems to solve.

the first steps

In today's hyper-connected world you may wonder at the fact that people still feel the need for more connection. The real point to note here is that people want valuable connections. 


When many people embark on the home buying process it is common for the scale of the task ahead to be underestimated. Few buyers fully appreciate the number of services needed or the amount time that will be required in researching each supplier, evaluating the best deal, ensuring value for money, and communicating with each service individually is huge task.

The reality is that a buyer advocate is needed with the goal of providing better connections at the right time and that is one of the goals of When it comes to buying a property making the correct connections at the right time vastly improves the whole process. takes this responsibility for connecting thousands of house buyers to the services they need at the time they are needed.

Good communication is key to the property sales process and helps in 3 main ways.

Good communication:

1. Helps buyers feel at ease

It’s common for people engaged in the property buying process to feel anxious about their transaction, about what is needed and what they might have to do and about what the timeframe will be like. This can sometimes lead them to overly communicate or worry about their deal. reduces this anxiety and builds confidence in buyers around their service providers.  


2. Helps buyers to feel in control

It’s easy for people to feel that they lost all control of their transaction once they engage professional service providers if they find it difficult to get an update on where the process is at. When a person is in a property transaction where they will live is now dictated by someone else and this can make them feel helpless. removes this from the property process. tracks each service provider and remains in constant contact with each client to ensure they feel in total control of their transaction.


3. Makes buyers feel valued

The most precious thing we can give to another person is our time. When engaging a professional service we insist that our service providers respect your time as much as they do their own. Being able to communicate well with both buyers and sellers and service providers helps us achieve this.​

our vision

Our vision is to build a network which connects all parties in a home sale.


The connective nature of this network will provide transparency for all parties and remove the unnecessary duplication of a myriad of administrative tasks.


This network will also facilitate an unrivalled experience for buyers as they can easily and quickly connect and communicate with all the property professionals that they need during the purchase or sale of their home.

We are driven by the mantra "PRACTISE makes perfect".


This phrase acts as both our North Star and the basis of our list of core values that drive everyone at every day:

  • Prioritisation and Focus

  • Respect and Integrity

  • Action, not just motion

  • Change constantly and improve

  • Teamwork and collaboration

  • Inquiry and understanding

  • Subtlety and simplicity

  • Excellence in all things

our core values

our solution

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4 great reasons to sign up

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Our team is made up of both property professionals and technologists.

Our founding team has a combined experience of over 1000 property sales and conveyances. It is the insight that has been gained from this wealth of experience that makes's packages and processes so revolutionary.

As our mission statement asserts, our goal is to make the property sale process stress-free for all parties. 

Our founder Emmet experienced this dysfunctional process on a daily basis and the stress and frustration that the process created drove him to find a better way to conduct property sales.   

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As represent a large number of home buyers and sellers, we are able to negotiate at scale to secure exclusive discounts for our clients.

This means we can ensure that our partners offer exceptional value for money by providing the highest level of service at discounted prices.

We partner with only the most trusted and experienced firms in each industry so that we can provide you with the best possible level of service.

We go through a multi-step due diligence process with each partner to ensure our clients get the best value and service on the market.

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